Routine car washes are like regular dental checkups for your car. They prevent dirt and grime buildup from causing long-term damage and keep your vehicle looking and operating at its best.

An unlimited car wash package can save you both time and money in the long run by providing routine maintenance for your car at a fraction of the cost. Over time, consistent washing makes a marked difference in maintaining not just the appearance of your vehicle but also its performance and resale value.

And let’s not forget the value that an unlimited car wash package offers. By paying a flat monthly rate for unlimited washes, you can save money compared to paying for individual washes. Plus, with the convenience of an unlimited package, you’re more likely to take advantage of the service and keep your vehicle shining.

At Sgt. Clean’s Car Wash, our car wash packages are designed to provide more than just protection for your vehicle. They’re also designed for convenience and certainty of car care. With our unlimited car wash packages and conveniently located facilities throughout Northeast Ohio, you can drive up to the car wash whenever you need it and feel confident that your car will receive the top-notch care it deserves. Our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced staff use only the best products and techniques to give your vehicle the highest quality wash possible.

Here’s a closer look at the car wash packages we offer:


If you’re looking for a car wash package that provides the essentials at an affordable price, you should check out our silver car wash package. This basic option includes features such as wheel cleaner, rust inhibitor and underbody wash, all of which are crucial for maintaining the appearance and condition of your vehicle. The rust inhibitor protects your car’s exterior from rust and corrosion, which can cause serious damage over time. The underbody wash removes road salt and other debris that can accumulate under your car and lead to long-term issues.


Our gold car wash package offers a range of features beyond the basic wash, including hot wax, triple foam, pre-conditioner, wheel cleaner, rust inhibitor and underbody wash. The hot wax and triple foam work together to provide a deep clean and a high-gloss finish, while the pre-conditioner and wheel cleaner remove stubborn dirt and grime.


Are you looking to take your car wash experience to the next level? Look no further than Sgt. Clean Car Wash’s platinum car wash package. This package is the ultimate in car care, featuring a variety of benefits that go far beyond the standard wash. Its features include ceramic sealant, which protects your car’s exterior from harmful UV rays and environmental damage. We also include tire shine, hot wax, triple foam, pre-conditioner, wheel cleaner, rust inhibitor and underbody wash, ensuring that every inch of your car is thoroughly cleaned and protected.

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