Keep Your Fleet Sparkling Clean

At Sgt. Clean Car Wash, we understand that maintaining a clean fleet is essential for your business. Whether you’re managing delivery vehicles, service trucks, or corporate cars, our Fleet Program offers flexible and affordable solutions to keep your fleet looking professional and presentable.

Key Benefits of Our Fleet Program

Flexible Plans:
Choose from a range of plans that suit your business needs, whether you require unlimited washes or pay-per-wash options.

Convenient Locations:
With 16 locations across Northeast Ohio, you can wash your vehicles whenever and wherever it’s most convenient.

Automated Monthly Billing:
Simplify your expenses with our hassle-free monthly billing, which adjusts based on the number of vehicles in your fleet.

Brand Image Enhancement:
A clean fleet helps boost your brand’s image and shows your commitment to excellence.

Boosted Employee Morale:
Keeping your vehicles clean makes your employees proud and enhances their work experience

How It Works

Sign up by filling out our fleet account form below. Provide details about your business and fleet size.

Vehicle Tracking:
Each vehicle in your fleet will receive an RFID tag, ensuring fast and efficient service at all Sgt. Clean locations.

Flexible Wash Plans:
Choose from unlimited wash options or pay-as-you-go, tailored to meet your operational needs.

Monthly Billing:
We’ll charge your credit card monthly based on the number of active vehicles in your fleet. No more worrying about individual wash payments.

Getting Started

To enroll in our Fleet Program, please complete the form below. A member of our team will contact you shortly to finalize your account setup and answer any questions.

Fleet Account Enrollment Form

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I add or remove vehicles from my fleet?2024-06-07T11:02:51-04:00

Your monthly charge will automatically adjust to reflect any changes in the number of vehicles in your fleet.

How do I manage my account and payments?2024-06-07T11:02:25-04:00

Our team will assist with all account management and automated monthly billing for your convenience.

Where can I wash my vehicles?2024-06-07T11:01:59-04:00

You can wash your vehicles at any of our 16 Sgt. Clean locations.

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