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When we come together to give back to our communities, we all shine brighter.

Bringing the Community Together to Enrich Lives

At Sgt. Clean Car Wash, stewardship is a component of our core values. We strive to make a positive difference and fulfill the needs in our neighborhoods, whether it involves raising money for a school program or supporting an important cause. 

“Have you paid your community rent?” is a question my grandfather often asked me. Community is a pillar of our organization and giving back is our way of saying thank you to those who serve our communities.

Brian Krusz, Sgt Clean

Sgt. Clean in Your Community

How we can support your cause:

Let’s Fundraise!

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Who We Work With

Youth / Education

Youth / Education

A strong community starts with a strong foundation. Let’s work together to give students their best start to life.

Veterans / Active Military

Veterans / Active Military

Here’s to those who serve! We humbly and gratefully work with our neighbors to thank and take care of our military members.



Working together, we can have a paws-ative impact on animals in need of support in our community.

Everything Else*

Everything Else*

What’s important to you is important to us! Apply below and tell us about your cause.

Let’s Get Started!

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Complete a fundraising request form.

Let us know a bit about your team, group, or organization.

2. Set up your account.

Once we approve your request, you’ll receive a confirmation email detailing the next steps in the process. You’ll link to a secure payment platform (Stripe), which deposits funds directly into your account without having to worry about checks or any money upfront.

3. Spread the word!

You’ll receive your own custom webpage with your organization’s name on it, as well as a frictionless way for supporters to purchase car washes that will benefit your cause. Additionally, you’ll receive a shareable promotional flyer and social media graphic, plus access to a real-time dashboard where you can keep track of how much money you’re raising, who your top sellers are, and how close you are to your goal!

Fundraising Request Form

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Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage of sales do we receive?2023-05-17T15:37:46-04:00

You’ll receive 50% of proceeds from all digital wash sales!

How long is the review process?2023-05-17T15:38:15-04:00

Please expect a direct follow-up within five business days of submission.

If approved, how soon can we start our fundraiser?2023-05-17T15:38:38-04:00

Your custom webpage will be activated within three business days of approval.

Are there any upfront costs to participate?2023-05-17T15:39:00-04:00


Can any organization participate?2023-05-17T15:39:22-04:00

All organizations are welcome to apply. However, we carefully evaluate each application to ensure we’re supporting causes that share our commitment to making a positive impact in the communities we serve.

How do we receive our funds?2023-05-17T15:39:45-04:00

You’ll create a Stripe account, which links to your bank account. Funds will be automatically deposited every seven days.

How do we track our progress?2023-05-17T15:40:08-04:00

You’ll receive access to a custom dashboard where you can track how much money you’re raising, who your top sellers are, and how close you are to your goal!

What forms of payment are accepted?2023-05-17T15:40:32-04:00

Your supporters can purchase washes using all major credit and debit cards.

What services are included in the car wash package?2023-07-20T13:04:19-04:00

Our Platinum wash includes: Ceramic Sealant, Tire, Shine, Hot Wax, Triple Foam, Pre-Conditioner, Wheel Cleaner, Rust Inhibitor, Underbody Wash, Dry N’ Shine

Is there a limit to how many washes can be purchased?2023-05-17T15:41:18-04:00


Are purchased washes redeemable at all Sgt. Clean Car Wash locations?2023-05-17T15:41:38-04:00


What if someone wants to support our fundraiser, but doesn’t live near a Sgt. Clean Car Wash location?2023-05-17T15:41:59-04:00

No problem! Purchased washes can be easily shared with family members or friends who live in/around the communities we serve.

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